Book #1 in The Corinna Chronicles

The Inbetween

My current work in progress.

Genre: coming soon.

Five things this tale includes: coming soon.

Themes: coming soon.

Currently: Re-structuring and writing 2nd draft. Preparing for self edits.

The Inbetween Aesthetic: coming soon

Aesthetic collage coming soon.

Unofficial Synopsis

Kardia, the last kingdom known to be in existance, has been facing a major crisis for fifteen years. No one has been born. The Last Generation has high expectations and hopes set on them. Corinna Maskell seems to be the only one who is not excited about the honour of participating in Kardia’s rituals.

Corinna is presented with an opportunity from a man no one else can see or hear. He asks for a favour. Simply, deliver a letter to someone outside of Kardia.

Leaving Kardia will see her banished, separated from her family for eternity.
Staying will allow misery and regret to weigh on her shoulders forever.

What she doesn’t know is that she is destined to participate in an adventure on the other side of life and just before death. Somewhere, on an island in the stars, call The Inbetween.